Remember Sports- Like A Stone (2021)

Posted by KB on 5/18/2021 to Reviews In Brief
Remember Sports has a distinctive indie sound. Carmen Perry's warbling vocals, crunchy guitars with edgy, bordering out of tune solos (in a cool proto punk way) and rock that can fluctuate from lamenting to almost all out pop-punk. They have perfected it. RS songs are primarily about maybe-good-maybe-not relationships. The kind that you are constantly questioning whether you are right to stay with them. The Philly quartet has matured without losing millennial credibility, both musically and lyrically, to solidify that it appears they will be around for some time.

Favorite Songs: Pinky Ring, Sentimentality, Like A Stone, Odds Are

like a stone

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Special Friend- Ennemi Commun (2021)

Posted by KB on 5/17/2021 to Reviews In Brief
There is nothing outlandishly special about Special Friend's "Ennemi Commun". It is basically an easy to swallow lo-fi indie release from a French-American duo with a White Stripes organization -she on drums, he on guitar (not in sound mind you). Metronomic beats pushing fuzzed guitar strumming with earnest lyrics about simple subjects. To my ears they remind of of Yuck with a uniqueness of tempo and song structure between tracks, which keeps "Ennemi Commun" from being pedantic. It proves that a band doesn't have to 'wow' you to be an enjoyable and distinctive listen.

Favorite Songs: Hazard, Forest, Ennemi Commun

ennemi commun

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Mythic Sunship- Wildfire (2021)

Posted by KB on 5/12/2021 to Reviews In Brief
Mythic Sunship's "Wildfire" starts like a blaze burning completely out of control within a controlled burn. Part hard rock jam and part free form jazz-rock, "Wildfire" is an instrumental journey that you will either strap in and enjoy the cacophony or you will run frantically from. MS is accessible one moment and then they wind their way into complex zones that can feel like world music being noisily thrashed. What makes "Wildfire" compelling is the unexpected groove that is embedded within the looseness of the music. While they ramble unfettered there is still structure. There is a lot to chew on on each song and the euphoria that is created definitely channels their band name.

Favorite Songs: Olympia, Redwood Grove


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A.A. Williams- Songs From Isolation (2021)

Posted by KB on 5/10/2021 to Reviews In Brief
A.A Williams release of covers, that span from the 60's to now provides completely unique takes on songs that we all know. Stark is an understatement when describing "Songs From Isolation". It's just her and a piano or guitar. So stark that you can hear the ambient sounds from her recording enviroment. The pedals being pressed, shifting on the bench, hum of the amplifier and so forth. This is personal music. An album to listen to alone to allow yourself to decide what Williams' interpretation is for you. For example Lovesong is no longer the profession of love from Robert Smith to his wife but instead a longing for someone that may not be near or receptive to your feelings. "Songs From Isolation" will take you minimally one listen to erase the originals from your ears before you can determine if her renditions will resonate with you or not. We all need sit-in-the-dark music now and then and "Songs From Isolation" could just be that album

Favorite Songs: Lovesong, Where Is My Mind, Nights In White Satin

Songs From Isolation

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