Special Friend- Ennemi Commun (2021)

Posted by KB on 5/17/2021 to Reviews In Brief
There is nothing outlandishly special about Special Friend's "Ennemi Commun". It is basically an easy to swallow lo-fi indie release from a French-American duo with a White Stripes organization -she on drums, he on guitar (not in sound mind you). Metronomic beats pushing fuzzed guitar strumming with earnest lyrics about simple subjects. To my ears they remind of of Yuck with a uniqueness of tempo and song structure between tracks, which keeps "Ennemi Commun" from being pedantic. It proves that a band doesn't have to 'wow' you to be an enjoyable and distinctive listen.

Favorite Songs: Hazard, Forest, Ennemi Commun

ennemi commun

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