Skegss- Rehearsal (2021)

Posted by KB on 4/16/2021 to Reviews In Brief
The Skegss are a surfer garage punk outfit from down under who have mastered the pop hook. While most indie bands like them lean on attitude and put their spit and anger up front, Skegss, on "Rehearsal", go for a more laid back approach with a positive spin on the travails of being young and trying to figure life out. They are not saying life's a gas, but they are suggesting to take life as it presents itself and understand that it's okay to have issues. "Rehearsal" will never win awards due to its genre and lack of being 'hard-hitting', but I guarantee it will be one you'll play a lot more than you think.

Favorite Songs: Valhalla, Fantisising, Running From Nothing, Picturesque Moment, Savour the Flavour


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The Boys With Perpetual Nervousness- Songs From Another Life (2021)

Posted by KB on 4/8/2021 to Reviews In Brief
"Songs From Another Life" is an unassuming pop album. It's hard to find something to complain about it. SFAL is not offensive, it contains The Byrds meet Fountains of Wayne jangle and the wispy, breathy vocals nudge you to take a drive with the windows down. Sure the songs are sound like they could be in John Hughes movie, but is that really that bad?!? The beauty of the writing is that while the songs are well crafted, they don't feel it- meaning they sound like they just sat down and out they came. If you're looking for an unobtrusive listen, that you might just play over and over this is for you.

Favorite Songs: Can't You See, How I Really Feel, Waking Up in the Sunshine, Lethargy, In Between

Songs From Another Life

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Mogwai- As the Love Continues (2021)

Posted by KB on 4/2/2021 to Reviews In Brief
Mogwai doesn't just use melody, tempo, tone and instrumentation as key factors in a song. They incorporate volume fluctuations, sound fullness and the altering of complexity of a song's genetics. What begins simplistically or sparse slowly becomes dense, louder (or softer) with layers continually being added. It's a major reason they are sought out for soundtracks. "As the Love Continues" displays Mogwai's design formula in almost perfect context. While mostly nuanced instrumentals the Scottish lads do show they can perform a rock-pop tune (Ritchie Sacramento) or flex a little metal muscle (Ceiling Granny) quite deftly making Mogwai hard to classify. ASTLC is for those who, like yours truly, who don't mind hitching a ride down a road that is always under construction.

Favorite Songs: Ritchie Sacramento, Ceiling Granny, Supposedly We Were Nightmares, Fuck Off Money

as the love continues

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