Last sweep of 2020

Posted by KB on 2/22/2021 to Reviews In Brief
2021 has gotten off to a slooooow start which is good and bad. The good is that I have been able to do a real last scan of 2020 releases that I missed the first time around or just sloughed off in my own arrogant way. Below are 6 of interest I am passing off to any sorry soul reading this;

The High Water Marks- Ecstasy Rhymes (2020)

Remember real lo-fi 90s DIY indie rock? Well this is it with better recording equipment. Upbeat, noisy, poppy, fun. What you'd expect from members of Apples In Stereo and Elephant 6.

Favorite Songs: Can You, Award Show, The Trouble With Friends, Satellite

Ecstasy Rhymes

Paul McCartney - McCartney III (2020)

Obviously I do not have to inform you as to who he is and his discography speaks for itself (well at least much of it). Anyone who has McCartney I and II will want, or have, to get "III". Like the previous two, he once again plays all the instruments and at 78 years old he still has adeptly can. His voice has lost some of its sheen, which is expected at his age, but his earnestness has lost nothing. Makes one wish that he put more of this out in last third of his career.

Favorite Songs: Long Tailed Winter Bird, Women and Wives, Lavatory Lil, Winter Bird/When Winter Comes


AC/DC - Power Up (2020)

Arguably the best Brian Johnston era AC/DC release since "Back on Black". Loud, booming with kick-ass riffs. Nuff said.

Favorite Songs: Pick one.......

power up

Ratboy - Printer's Devil (2020)

Good, hard driving indie pop-rock replete with crunchy guitars, dance infused hooks, some ethos and bubbly teen girl vocals (she's not a teen girl). Easily an album one could leave on repeat without becoming bored.

Favorite Songs: Alien With a Sleep Mask On, Anj,Victorian Slumhouse

Printer's Devil

Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher (2020)

Beautiful voice embedded in well crafted, introspective songs that sound wistful but carry an edge. Very easy to get lost within. Best listened to in a darken room with a good Cabernet.

Favorite Songs: Kyoto, Moon Song, Graceland Too


Mondo Cozmo - New Medicine (2020)

Ping pongs from sounding like Velvet Underground to Radiohead to Dandy Warhols to all three melted nicely together. This albums just has "cool" emanating from it.

Favorite Songs: Black Cadillac, Drown In Love, Generator, Mercy

New Medicine

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