The Nude Party- Midnight Manor (2020)

Posted by KB on 11/16/2020 to Reviews In Brief
The Nude Party are your buds who happen to have a garage band and play at all your parties. They are an amalgamation of all the great, rough around edges 60's and early 70's DIY bands and AM radio one-hit-wonders. "Midnight Manor" adds a little polish to their sound without shedding their loosey-goosey feel. The songs are a bit tighter with the same fun, daily life observance lyrics. They tease about being in a band, being kinda in love, getting a tad older and still really liking to partake party stuffs. Besides 60s garage rock TNP meanders through folksy blues and bar room country while easily performing the best kazoo solo of 2020. Having seen them live, I can tell you every song you hear is even better on stage. They are what they sound like, bongos and all. Crack open a beer and spin "Midnight Manor" sooner than later.

Favorite Songs: Lonely Heather, Pardon Me Satan, Nashville Record Co., What's the Deal

midnight manor

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