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We base our condition ratings on the CD itself. Not the artwork or jewel cases. Because to us, the music is what matters. Any damage to the artwork or jewel cases is noted but the condition listed is referring to the CD.

Unless listed as NEW all CDs at YKEEP are used. They have been played and may have some level of wear and tear. YKEEP has a few collectible CDs but most are not. We do not claim to sell mint condition used CDs though a large percentage of our CDs are sealed. CDs noted as Like NEW are in excellent condition with either no blemishes on the CD or the smallest of marks. Many of our Like NEW CDs are re-sealed and noted as. Very Good has noticeable usage on the CD but the CD plays perfectly. Good CDs have lived a little rougher life, but again the CD plays without issue. We sell very few CDs in acceptable or poor condition.

Music Club CDs are not differentiated at YKEEP. Music Club CDs were manufactured at the same facilities off the same master tapes as CDs with UPC barcodes. They were offered in bulk to consumers but the sound quality is the same.