Lord Huron- Long Lost (2021)

Posted by KB on 10/8/2021 to Reviews In Brief
"Long Lost" is exactly what you would think a Lord Huron album would sound like; lush, subdued and nuanced. "Long Lost" is sleepier than past releases almost in easy listening territory. It's a mix of vintage western movie soundtrack meets Peter Nero. The music is gorgeous as is Ben Schneider's vocal but overall it leaves you expecting more vibrancy and life. There is also too much filler for my taste with short "oldie-like" radio snippets and the 14 minute Time's Blur, which could have gotten it's ambient point through at the same length as the snippets. Fans will take to most of the songs here but casual fans may be unmoved.

Favorite Songs: Not Dead Yet, Meet Me in the City, The Moon Doesn't Mind

long lost

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Amyl and the Sniffers- Comfort To Me (2021)

Posted by KB on 10/5/2021 to Reviews In Brief
By the third bass note you know that punk isn't dead. Building off their debut self-titled release from 2019 the Sniffers pound out a relentless onslaught of mosh-friendly energy. While aggressive, their message is quite upbeat. It's about enjoying each other and what's around us, with a couple slight detours down the path of self deprecation. Another rarity they toss in, that isn't heard in most punk bands, are the ferocious guitar solos peppered throughout. The songs are succinct leaving the listener gasping to catch a breath but also abrupt as side two has tunes that stop making you wish for more. Excellent sophomore release and worthy for any of you punkers to give it a go.

Favorite Songs: Guided By Angels, Security, Hertz, No More Tears, Maggot

comfort to me

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The Horses and the Hounds- James McMurtry (2021)

Posted by KB on 10/4/2021 to Reviews In Brief
Few can write as intelligent songs as McMurtry. Sardonic while being honest with stories that feel real with zero bull-shit and full of wisdom. There is nothing crazy about his Americana cum alt-country cum rock song structure (you know a McMurtry song immediately) but it is full and warm. Arrow straight with his patented speak sing delivery. Why change what has worked for him over the decades because it still sounds fresh. It's what the modern "country" fan should listen to but don't. Put down the red solo cup grown ups and put on one of the best albums of the year with...."you can't be young and do that"..

Favorite Songs: If It Don't Bleed, Jackie, The Horses and the Hounds, Ft. Walton Wake-Up Call

The Horses and the Hounds

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