Imelda May- Life Love Flesh Blood (2017)

Posted by KB on 11/29/2017 to Reviews In Brief
My God what a voice. In the age of the auto tuner, over production and yelling as the means to prove-my-emotion, May is completely refreshing. She effortlessly drifts from country, smoky lounge crooning, Spector girl band 60's, finger snapping rock without missing a beat, note, sweat... etc. As you listen it's hard not to close your eyes and let May seduce you into her world. Why such a voice is not presented to the masses is criminal.

Favorite Songs: Black Tears, Should've Been You, Bad Habit, When It's My Time, Leave Me Lonely

Cheap Trick- We're All Alright (2017)

Posted by KB on 11/28/2017 to Reviews In Brief
Last year this would have been a lock in my top 20. It is a well crafted and balanced album with hard AC/DC rockers (Long Time Coming), Beatle-esque pop (Blackberry Way), ballads (Floating Down) and fun lyrics (except She's Alright which are banal). Cheap Trick are showing zero signs of becoming a gray haired, retro, hits only classic rock outfit and what's best is that their songs appeal to all generations and geographies. I can't believe anyone would fast forward even the weakest tune here. Basically- they're a really good, consistent band that deserves more of your attention.

Favorite Songs: You Got It Going On, Long Time Coming, Brand New Name On An Old Tattoo, Listen To Me, The Rest of My Life

Beck - Colors (2017)

Posted by KB on 11/15/2017 to Reviews In Brief
Beck's career has careened all over the musical landscape. From trippy folk to DJ extraordinaire to sullen troubadour to rock star and now to king of the club. "Colors" is Beck's straight up dance album. And might I say a well done, funky one at that. Beck has been listening to pop radio and he utilizes all the new-fangled tricks the kids are using now a days. You can hear Foster the People, Gorillaz, the latest trap hooks (the one semi dud Wow) and even TSwift. He makes his songs sound so familiar that you would swear you've heard it before. But that seems to be his lure. He is still slightly cryptic but he's being cryptic in relational matters that may or may not match the the song it's a part of. Nice to see Beck back to being two turntables and a microphone.

Favorite Songs: Colors, Seventh Heaven, Up All Night, Square One, Dreams

LCD Soundsystem- American Dream (2017)

Posted by KB on 11/3/2017 to Reviews In Brief
Maybe I'm still a little miffed that James Murphy and LCD pulled the ol' "LCD is retiring-oh-no-we-were-just-kidding" charade but there is nothing overly special or new about "American Dream". It's good enough with a few standout songs, but most of the songs would have fitted nicely on "Sound of Silver" or "This Is Happening" to a point where I wonder if they were leftovers. Fans are going ga ga over it as are most of the critics- and I am a fan- but I just didn't feel the edge or heard any real new ideas and self indulgent Black Screen added to my indifference. Most likely "American Dream" will grow on me a bit and I do hope they continue on, but I hope they do with a little more fire in the belly.

Favorite Songs: I Used To, Tonite, Call the Police, Emotional Haircut
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