Wand- Plum (2017)

Posted by KB on 10/30/2017 to Reviews In Brief
"Plum" is easily Wand's most accessible album. They still throw in the unexpected but with less ear piercing blasts. Instead they opt to keep it interesting through rhythm changes and abstract guitar flourishes and sounds that remain in the structure of the songs. Wand appears to be wading in a bummer pond, if I am interpreting their lyrics properly, but one can not be 100% sure. Hearing a band mature without sacrificing creative vision is a pleasure and hopefully there's more to come.

Favorite Songs: Plum, Bee Karma, The Trap, Driving

J Roddy Walston and the Business- Destroyers of the Soft Life (2017)

Posted by KB on 10/29/2017 to Reviews In Brief
"Destroyers of the Soft Life" is a bit of a misnomer. For a J Roddy album this one is a bit soft. The riffs are sanded down and there is none of that piano driven bar band thumping that their earlier releases possess. It's very middle of the road and it just fades away in the background instead of demanding you to take notice. And when you are forcing yourself to take notice it usually ends up not being worth the effort. As a fan I won't quit on J Roddy but this one is a pass to me.

Mogwai- Every Country's Son (2017)

Posted by KB on 10/25/2017 to Reviews In Brief
Mogwai is not your every day prog/experimental rock band. For 22 years they have written songs that rarely end the way they begin. They grow and evolve becoming bigger and fuller filling in all the gaps. Euphoric almost. On "Every Country's Son" this again is the case but with less patience. Esoteric and atmospheric brooding is still forefront but the songs are a succinct 4 to 6 minutes (by Mogwai standards) and get to the point. They also rock a bit more than most Mogwai releases. Best when listened to with headphones in a dark room.

Favorite Songs: Party In the Dark, Crossing the Road Material, 20 Size, Battered At a Scramble, Old Poisons

METZ- Strange Peace (2017)

Posted by KB on 10/25/2017 to Reviews In Brief
There is a legitimate fear that once an edgy band starts to grow up that they lose- you guessed it-their edge. Luckily with METZ that did not occur. That abrasive, well structured pounding (Mess of Wires) is still METZ's prevalent force but little nuances like more decipherable lyrics, songs that tip toe towards greater accessibility (Cellophane) and Sonic Youth-like homages (Raw Materials) are noticeable. The cacophony is manageable and will most likely open them up to a slightly ( I mean slightly literally) bigger audience.

Favorite Songs: Cellophane, Raw Materials, Drained Lake

GospelbeacH- Another Summer of Love (2017)

Posted by KB on 10/11/2017 to Reviews In Brief
AM radio airy, ethereal, harmonically wafting with an underlining edge. GospelbeacH (not a typo) has a polished 60s pop sound that at first appears soft (like Bread) until you begin to sense that if allowed to they'd go into a 10 minute all out jam at any moment. The harmonies, subtle riffs, occasional ripped guitar and driving drums back non-syrupy lyrics and form almost perfect pop songs. This is a release that actually makes you feel pretty darn good.

Favorite Songs: In the Desert, Hangin' On, (I Wanna See U) All the Time, Strange Days, Kathleen
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