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YKEEP will buy your unloved and unwanted CDs at a flat-rate and reimburse you the cost of media mail rate shipping. We don't care about the title, artist or genre as long as it is an original recording and it has all the original artwork and jewel case. We do reserve the right to not buy a shipment, or items in a shipment. See below our Terms of Service for more information.

What You Will Earn

Below explains what we will pay for each type of CD and its condition. You can sell it outright, which is the first number, or you can receive credit to buy at YKEEP, which is the second number. See our shipping information for our shipping reimbursement policy guidelines.


CD Single*

Single CD

Double CD

Box Sets






Used Excellent





Used Very Good





Used Good





NEW- Never opened/played, all artwork in perfect condition, no cut-outs or notched cases.
Used Excellent- Looks newly opened, all artwork in perfect condition, no scuffs or scratches on CD.
Used Very Good- Used but well-kept with all artwork in used but excellent condition, few/limited scuffs, CD plays perfectly.
Used Good- Looks used with all artwork. Normal, expected wear and tear from regular use, plays perfect.

*CD single is one song that was released as a single/partial full CD release.
NOTE on Promotional CDs- YKEEP will buy Promotional CDs at the CD Single rate based on their condition.

How This Works

1. First, pull the CDs you no longer listen to or need. We only accept original recorded CDs with artwork and cases. Decide if you wish to sell your CDs to YKEEP or if you wish to receive credit to use at YKEEP. You will denote this on the Sell Your CD form.

2. Separate them by type and condition. We only need to know how many of each type of CD and their condition. Be accurate and honest with your itemization- we will be on our end. It will make the process quicker so you get paid quicker. We do reserve the right to not buy a shipment, or items in a shipment. In such cases, we will return unwanted shipments at no cost to you and unwanted items will be shipped back to you with the shipping cost deducted from your shipping reimbursement. Click on "Sell Your CDs Now " below and enter your information, how you wish to be paid and information about CDs.

3. Print the Sell Your CDs page and include it with your CD shipment, then ship CDs. We will send a brief email when we receive. Note- Once your CDs are received at YKEEP, your CDs become the property of YKEEP. See our shipping information below for shipping guidelines. It will be a minimum of 3 to 5 days for YKEEP to inspect CDs (longer for shipments of 50 or more). We will return any declined items and issue payment with an outline of the transaction- and your transaction is complete!

Simple! If you're ready then Sell Your CDs now!

Note: YKEEP limits the number of sales we accept from individual sellers to one per week but reserve the right to shorten or extend that period. YKEEP also reserves the right to limit the number of sales we accept on our site from all sellers.

Shipping Info

YKEEP will reimburse your shipping cost based on an estimate of the weight of your CDs being shipped (noted on your postage attached to your shipment) by the United States Post Office (USPS) at the media mail rate, capped at $10 per shipment. You may decide to ship using a different carrier or different mail rate but we will reimburse you based on the USPS media mail rate only. Multiple shipments received by one sender will receive only one shipping reimbursement of the total weight of all packages at USPS media mail rate (unless sender has contacted YKEEP in advance regarding).

Please package your CDs appropriately to protect the CDs, especially the CD itself and corresponding artwork. Wrap tightly so CDs do not jostle around too much and if over 5 CDs we suggest boxing and limiting their movement within the box. YKEEP will not purchase CDs broken while in transit to us.

YKEEP Shipping Address: 350 Ferguson Rd, Manchester CT 06040