A Place To Bury Strangers- Hologram (2021)

Posted by KB on 8/24/2021 to Reviews In Brief
A Place To Bury Strangers' EP "Hologram" expands on their sonic, dissonant drone rock with their most defined recording. They don't lose their noisiness but you can decipher more clearly the drums, bass and vocals. Their songs still whip into a swirling jet engine frenzy in an almost (loosely almost) pop sensible fashion. There is structure within the clamor. Picture Joy Division with louder amps, more fuzz and new technology. This will not digestible for some unless you like music that pushes the acceptable musical boundaries.

Favorite Songs: All five songs are quite interesting


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Billy F Gibbons- Hardware (2021)

Posted by KB on 8/19/2021 to Reviews In Brief
One could just cut and paste my thoughts on Gibbons' 2018 release "Big Bad Blues" here and it would be pretty accurate. All styles of rocking, and I mean rocking, blues. Huge sound with every nook filled with booming drums, heavy, full riffs and agile solos. There is a wisp of ZZ Top throughout the album with the immediately recognizable ZZ Top guitar sound and throaty growled vocals. The loss of Dusty Hill earlier this summer should make us all appreciate Gibbons' brilliance more and embrace his recordings. Take the time give Gibbon's a good listen.

Favorite Songs: She's On Fire, Stackin' Bones, Vagabond Man, My Lucky Card


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Imelda May- 11 Past the Hour (2021)

Posted by KB on 8/18/2021 to Reviews In Brief
Imelda May's latest release into her excellent discography is a bit of a departure from her retro, roller-girl rebel, take-it-or-leave style and persona of the past. "11 Past the Hour" portrays May as a sexy chanteuse with visions of her front and center in a smoky back room club with a weathered, tight band enveloping her strong, fantastic voice. She doesn't totally abandon her rock roots (Made To Love, What We Did In the Dark) but she leans toward songs that are uncomplicated and personal, with a taste of the poetry she is now delving into. The album's pacing is fluid and May sounds like the veteran she is with impeccable phrasing. It's a grown up album that feels cool.

Favorite Songs: Made To Love, What We Did In the Dark, Just One Kiss, Never Look Back, Breathe

11 Past the Hour

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Royal Blood- Typhoons (2021)

Posted by KB on 8/13/2021 to Reviews In Brief
"Typhoons", Royal Blood's third LP sounds like multiple typhoons. Heavy thunder beats, swirling buzzed bass and driving faux guitar (he plays bass with pedals and amps that sound as if there is a guitar being played). The duo from Brighton, England create a big pounding energy that is emphatic that borders on being metal. "Typhoons" may be their most complete, crisp release to date. It's impossible to catch your breath from one song to the next since they are relentless with their hammering- until the last song, All We Have is Now, which is a little respite. They sing about anxiety and pressure but, with some optimism, that with support it is surmountable. Put this on and crank it up. Piss off the neighbors.

Favorite Songs: Trouble's Coming, Million and One, Boilermaker, Mad Visions, Who Needs Friends


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