Deeper- (Auto-Pain) (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/28/2020 to Reviews In Brief
You wake up 40 years ago and turn on your local college radio station and Deeper's song Esoteric is blaring. Your first thought would be, "hey a new Cure song was just released", not realizing that Esoteric came out in 2020 not 1980. Deeper possesses a minimalist, 80s, metallic sound that encompasses early Cure, New Order, Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen and a plethora of new wave MTV bands. Simple, metronome bass lines, layer effect guitars, rat-a-tat drums and vocals spit out rather than sung. It's a total hipster party where the only one's at this party deserve to be there and they know it. Side one (or first half for those not vinyl savvy) is strongest but Auto-Pain doesn't wane by much. Tease out hair, put on your favorite black outfit and get nostalgic.

Favorite Songs: Esoteric, Willing, 4U, V.M.C.

auto pain

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Kvelertak- Splid (2020)

Posted by on 4/24/2020 to Reviews In Brief
If you're not a metal listener you can probably skip this. I am a selective metal fan. I like the power, prowess and musicianship of a well greased metal band. Where I draw my proverbial line is in the vocals- no over the top screeching or low, Drain-O growling. Norway's Kvelertak has some of both but luckily it isn't pervasive, depending how you delicate your ears are. "Splid" has some tremendous energy and tight guitar crunching. The songs wind through different movements leaning it toward progressive at times, but when they outright rip it is true head banging bliss. This is a pure music only listen, because who the hell knows what they are singing about, even with their brief blurbs about each song on the cover. Basically if you like metal you will be all in with horns in the air. Not a metal fan then stay away. Those of us more discerning will find more enjoyment than pain.

Favorite Songs: Rogaland, Crack of Doom, Uglas Hegemoni, Tevling


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Pearl Jam- Gigaton (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/23/2020 to Reviews In Brief
There is no denying the enormity of Pearl Jam. Blasting on the scene in the midst of the early grunge era and surviving since with a huge fan base and, for the most part, a solid discography (not to mention their vast live concert recordings). While not being prolific of late, I personally don't mind waiting seven years if the output equals the best parts of "Gigaton". This time around has Vedder doing the majority of writing and it is clear what is weighing on his mind - the climate justifiably. And the blame goes to everyone, including himself. Pearl Jam hasn't drifted too far from their true sound but they have kept it vital with nuanced modernization (Dance of the Clairvoyants). This has allowed them to maintain their rabid fan base while enticing younger audiences. The first four tracks burst out of the gate, and most red-blooded rock fans will be hooked. Especially when Gossard is allowed to blaze away. They are at their best with less production, so there are songs that lose some of the energy the opening tracks- but all their albums seem to have a couple of toss offs. "Gigaton" should be welcomed by rock and we need to enjoy Pearl Jam while they are still capable of strong releases.

Favorite Songs: Superblood Wolfman, Dance of the Clairvoyants, Quick Exscape


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The Flytraps- Wild Card (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/21/2020 to Reviews In Brief
The Flytraps are thrashy, trashy, loud and abrasive. Oh and they don't care if it's not okay with you. "Wild Card" starts hard and ends hard and it drips with testosterone bravado about partying, sex and getting what they want. The ladies scream and screech, the bass throttles and the guitar solos tear through 12 songs in 29 minutes. This album doesn't blaze new trails but depending on your mood at listening "Wild Card" could be just what the doctor ordered or what the doctor would tell you to avoid. So plan your listening with care.

Favorite Songs: Wild Card, All Talk, I Wanna Be Your Girl

wild card

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Waxahatchee- St Cloud (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/20/2020 to Reviews In Brief
Appears "St Cloud" may be a polarizing release from Ms. Crutchfield. I've come across those who are still engaged with her powerfully subtle songs and vocal and those who disdain the less reliance on guitars in favor of keyboards. Personally, it took me a couple of listens to get it. "St Cloud" doesn't have grabbing rockers peppered through it and it has a smaller sound over all. If one can get by that then they will hear the Waxahatchee they know and love; strong, deliberate voice and catchy melodies in songs about relationships. Due to her past decade's pedigree Waxahatchee will get gold stars for doing her thing a little different but I'm not sure if she can continue down this road without possibly having fans lose interest. In any case, this is still a decent release from a good Alabaman songwriter.

Favorite Songs: Can't Do Much, Fire, Ruby Falls, The Eye

st cloud

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The Chats- High Risk Behavior (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/17/2020 to Reviews In Brief
Stupid, bratty, sophomoric 'tude punk can be a blast when it's done correctly. Correctly means that you don't take yourself too seriously and know that you aren't releasing the next deep, artistic game changer. The Chats fit the bill by thrashing out 14 songs in 28 minutes about getting piss drunk, chewing and screwing, VD, needing cheap pub food and just being unruly. Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedys, Undertones, Ramones, The Briefs (among others) are heard influences but with better guitar solos. The Chats' punk is quite riff rock heavy and vocally decipherable (big plus) with mosh pit ready energy. Exhausting. Not sure how many albums these Aussies have in them so I would jump on this one while it's fresh.

Favorite Songs: Stinker, The Clap, Dine N Dash, Billy Backwash's Day, Better Than You, Identity Theft

high risk behavior

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Jesse Daniel- Rollin' On (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/16/2020 to Reviews In Brief
There is country- the commercially produced simple minded fodder for the masses. Then there is country- authentic twang, with all the fix-uns like steel pedal guitar, fiddle and pickin' and grinnin'. "Rollin' On" is the latter. It could be the best shit-kickin' saloon outing you'll get all year (if we were currently allowed to go to shit-kickin' saloon). A perfect blend of Texas two step swing and the Bakersfield sound that would be fit for a night at the Opry or a country fair. Daniel has a natural, smooth delivery that feels genuine and his band is cracker jack good and can pick and pop with the best of them. We need more "Rollin' On", country sans solo cup, cut-off shorts, I'm a good ol' boy and tractors.

Favorite Songs: Rollin' On, Mayo and the Mustard, Sam, If You Ain't Happy Now (You Never Will Be)

rollin on

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The Wants- Container (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/14/2020 to Reviews In Brief
"Container", the debut by The Wants, is minimalist, city-hipster, post-punk that will have you looking for your black turtleneck. Popping drums drive their slick and simple riffs and sing-song vocals that would be best listened to in a darken, strobe lit room. When The Wants get rolling they sound as if one of the Petshop Boys got loose and spawned with Interpol and Cake. It's finger snapping, it's dance-able and intense. It's a familiar yet unique sound, but a sound that would have fit comfortably in the 80s, 90s or 00s. The short instrumentals interspersed do little but fill space but the rest is totally addictive. So go find that turtleneck and a strobe light and get down.

Favorite Songs: Container, The Motor, Ape Trap


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Lilly Hiatt- Walking Proof (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/13/2020 to Reviews In Brief
On "Walking Proof" Lilly does her dad proud (John). Close your eyes and substitute his voice for hers and it could pass as an album by him, folksy colloquialisms and Americana twang. This is not meant to demean her writing skills because she has no choice, it's in her genes. And she does it quite deftly down to her love of a perfectly good guitar. Lilly does twang but she also rocks, swings, lilts and growls. Like dad, "Walking Proof" feels comfortable and familiar no matter what mood your in. It would be doubtful that you would fast forward through any song since they instantly feel a part of your being. This album won't up-heave your musical foundation but it could be one you'll play more than you expect.

Favorite Songs: P-Town, Some Kind of Drug, Walking Proof, Never Play Guitar

walking proof

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Close Lobsters- Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera in the Forest of Symbols (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/9/2020 to Reviews In Brief
It's always a "huh" moment when you uncover a new band just to find out that they have been together since the mid 80's. Close Lobsters. Huh, who knew? Not I apparently. Anyway their new release, the title which is mouthful and a lot of keystrokes, is straight on 80s college rock retro- or in their case not really retro. It immediately conjures up Psychedelic Furs, Echo & the Bunnymen, Soft Boys- that whole sound. They accomplish without sounding passe with songs that are well constructed, upbeat, throaty and, happily, with real drums. Close Lobsters have a big sound that could easily fill an arena, if they could fill an arena. Those of a certain age, who grew up in and can't comfortably escape said decade should add this album and band to their repertoire. They won't lose any 80s cred.

Favorite Songs: All Compasses Go Wild, Bird Free, Now Time

Post Neo Anti- Arte Povera in the Forest of Symbols

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Cerrone - DNA (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/6/2020 to Reviews In Brief
Those of us who grew up through the disco era, and liked album rock, held a level of disdain for disco. Those of us who have attained adulthood, while maintaining our music appetite, now realize that a good funked up, crisp dance beat was actually pretty good (not corporate muddled crap which still sucks). Jean-Marc Cerrone was a French purveyor of the genre in the mid to late 70s and his latest release "DNA" proves that when skillfully produced EDM can be creative and fun. "DNA", without has a modernized 80s alt-tech (cutting edge then) feel to it. No question Daft Punk were listeners and most likely New Order. Not every song is a rager and few of the slower tunes could be pared off to make this a more concise dance listen. It won't be for everyone, only those who may want some background dance fluff. (ps- if you like this consider checking out the more over the top Purple Disco Machine)

Favorite Songs: The Impact, Resolution, I've Got A Rocket


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Morrissey- I Am Not a Dog On a Chain (2020)

Posted by KB on 4/2/2020 to Reviews In Brief
I have a love/hate listening relationship with Morrissey, even when with the Smiths. One moment he's brilliant with melodic pitch perfect gloom and disdain the next he's cliched and dull as a one note chant. Happy to say that "I Am Not a Dog On a Chain" is the prior. Bass driven cantankerous songs about not caring or wanting to deal with yours or anyone's bull-shit. Morrissey, as always, throws in a few borderline show tunes that work well within the shell of a very current sounding production. His slate of musicians are top notch and tight with a killer cameo by Thelma Houston ("Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?") and the arrangements ranging from pop, low burn rock and EDM are spot on. There are really only two Morrissey camps; the idolizers and the haters with very few like myself in the middle. The idolizers will love this. The haters will not.

Favorite Songs: Jim Jim Falls, Love Is On Its Way Out, What Kind of People Live in These Houses?, Darling I Hug a Pillow

I am not a dog on a chain

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