Getting Off Our Heroes' Wagon

Posted by KB on 1/31/2017 to Opinions & Thoughts
Full disclosure; Bob Dylan and Neil Young are, and will always be, in my Pantheon. I'm not a completist but I have a pretty full inventory of both artists that are in my regular rotation. With that said, it's time for me to debark from the Dylan train as I have from the Young train prior.

When it comes to our music gods aging it gets tough deciphering our feelings about their later recordings. Do we like the new material just because it's from our gods? Do we dislike it if its different from when started our love affair with them? Do we disdain it because it doesn't hold up to past greatness in our minds? Are we left scratching our heads thinking why? There are other reasons too. But for me with Dylan it's the last one.

Berwanger- Exorcism Rock (2016)

Posted by KB on 1/26/2017 to Reviews In Brief
It would be easy to dismiss "Exorcism Rock" as a trite power pop rock album. It is. But damn if it isn't earworm catchy. When it rocks it rocks, when it feels it drips in rock n' roll pathos and when it loves it's every lyric cliché possible. But who cares if it is this much fun. The guitars drive, the drums pound and Josh Berwanger's semi-ethereal vocals are spot on sugary perfection.  Listen to it loud and just try to look me in the eye and trash it.

Favorite Songs: Booty Shake, Forever, I Want You Bad

Mishka Shubaly- Alcoholica (2016)

Posted by KB on 1/24/2017 to Reviews In Brief
Self billed as the old new record, Alcoholica was recorded in 2001 but shelved until this past September when he released it as is without re-recording any of the parts. It's a dark indie-punk-folk comedy with songs about dour love, being existentially lost and continually hammered. Mishka's baritone (with co-vocalist Allison) wavers in and out of tune but keeps you listening hoping for either deeper self deprecation (We Came Together) or possibly a happy ending (Get It On). If you are looking for pretty, this is not for you. If you are looking for real, give this a try.

Favorite Songs: We Came Together, Dollar Beer, Get It On, For you

New Songs from New Releases

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The Amorettes- White Hot Heat (2016)

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It's been done before. Female punkers The Donnas, Girlschool and Cocktail Slippers predated Scotland's Amorettes with basically the same hard rocking sound. So you won't find any new ground here. With that said, if you enjoy bopping your head to straight ahead, riff catchy rock about partying and having attitude, then you will not be disappointed with "White Hot Heat".  Power chords backing choruses with meaty hooks are hard to deny. One could dismiss this as been-there-done-that but you would miss out on the girl power trio fun.

Ides of Space- "There Are No New Clouds" (2001)

Posted by KB on 1/12/2017 to Reviews In Brief
Sad, breathy, ethereal and perfect for a rainy day- either the weather kind or those that linger internally. There Are No New Clouds isn't necessarily a depressing album it is more of a dour atmosphere. The vocals are almost non-existent as they blend with the music which is relaxed and breezily muffled begging the listener to close their eyes and waft away in thought. Every now again we all have down days, not sad just low, overthinking, unmotivated.  This CD is a perfect backdrop for such a day.

Uncle Green- Book of Bad Thoughts (1992)

Posted by KB on 1/9/2017
There were so many throwaway band from the 90s it would be easy to have over looked Uncle Green, a New Jersey based alt rock outfit that put out decent though not earthshaking  rock. Book of Bad Thoughts sounds 90s but it has a slight funkiness to it that makes a few of their songs "I Know All About You", "Look Into the Light" fell unique. Uncle Green had a better groove than their contemporaries the Gin Blossoms and Posies. They became 3lb. Thrill in 1995 with a harder edged sound. In any case Book of Bad Thoughts is a worthy search if you are a 90s alt fan.

My 2017 Wish List

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With the new year 4 days old, it got me pondering; what would I like to see musically in 2017? Most of my wishes are esoteric. Attitude adjusters. Getting the masses to alter their thought process oh so slightly which will benefit all of our musical enjoyment. If I can sway just one person on one wish I will feel smugly successful. Maybe you’ll agree with some of these, maybe you won’t. In any case feel free to comment and/or add your own wishes.

Other 2016 Releases Worth Time & Effort

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Few of these might have broken into my top 20 if I got to them earlier. Happens every year. All of these are worth a listen and probably worth plunking a few bucks down.
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