Nick Waterhouse- Promenade Blue (2021)

Posted by KB on 7/26/2021 to Reviews In Brief
Nick Waterhouse has a finger snappin' signature retro 60's R&B sound. Reverb, echo chamber, punchy background vocals and brass, hi-hats and brushes, mono-like mixing and even his album covers. Promenade Blue prominently encompasses these traits except this time it's not the all out twist-a-thon we've grown to expect. More ballads, spoken word embellishments and it just feels like he's holding back just a tad. He waits until the last two songs to unleash the party (B. Santa Ana 1986, To Tell ). It's still a solid release and has all the cool, but probably the weakest of his library. I'll blame Covid.

Favorite Songs: Vincentine, B. Santa Ana 1986, To Tell

promenade blue

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