Meatbodies- 333 (2021)

Posted by KB on 11/19/2021 to Reviews In Brief
"333" will not be for everyone. It's trippy, heavy at times, psychedelica. It's apparent that the use of mind adjustments may have been applied during creation with the songs exhibiting headphone swirls, body slaps, wah wahs, echoes, droning, raga beats and tons of fuzz. Hell the band name is Meatbodies. In the proper, may I say, frame of mind, this album could comfortably be slipped on as a perfect soundtrack. The music is simple but deftly played and the bass is the star and driving force. Think Primal Scream that stays in jam mode and was recorded with George Martin around the time of "Revolver". Intrigued- then give it a listen..

Favorite Songs: Cancer, Hybrid Feelings, The Hero


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