Magnetic Fields- 50 Song Memoir (2017)

Posted by KB on 3/20/2017 to Reviews In Brief
"50 Song Memoir" is not "69 Love Songs" but it warrants being acknowledged. Writing 50 songs, year by year you've been alive is not a cake walk. Fifty songs is daunting but making them pertinent and personal seems impossible.

50SM does require discipline to listen through and to understand. It requires 2 listens minimally. First one to get your feet wet and to ponder 'how does he come up with so many different sounds and melodies?' The second go around to actually listen to his lyrics to get his thought process down. One note is that this is the first time in a long time (maybe ever) where he is the lead vocal on all his songs. It is his memoir after all. Another note is that this could be his most could-be-a-Broadway-soundtrack ever. Now full disclosure- I am a fan. I get his innuendo and clever word play plus I love the unique instrumentation and his detail to song construction. I'm totally in on The Day I Finally.... which may leave many scratching their heads. With that said, 50SM has some completely smart and brilliant songs and storytelling. It also has meanderings that fit the concept but don't capture my attention, In the Snow White Cottages, and may not remain on my iPod. Lastly, it has moments of time I remember distinctly like The Blizzard of '78.

50SM deserves the two aforementioned listens so you can dissect it and decide for yourself.

Favorite Songs: Wonder Where I'm From, Hustle 76, Life Ain't All Bad, Somebody's Fetish

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