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We want you to be happy with your CD(s) from YKEEP. We take pains to make sure we accurately describe all our CDs and label their condition properly. Click here to see how we label our CDs' conditions. We will gladly refund you for any damaged CDs you received within 30 days from YKEEP's ship date to you.

Email us from our Contact Us page and then please send back the damaged CD(s). Upon receipt we will issue your refund to your PayPal account. Understand that you will be responsible for the return ship cost. 

Terms on Selling CDs to YKEEP

YKEEP provides user/sellers a flat-rate payment and reimbursement of United States Postal Service (USPS) media mail rate shipping for user/seller's unwanted CDs. All non USPS media mail amounts to be reimbursed to user/seller based on the USPS media mail rate for weight of shipment(s) received up to $12.00. User/seller understands that CDs, once received by YKEEP, become the property of YKEEP and there is no negotiation of rates to be paid for CDs or the shipping being reimbursed. All decisions by YKEEP in regards to condition and type are totally at the discretion of YKEEP.

YKEEP does not take responsibility for damage to CDs incurred during shipping. Upon receipt of CDs YKEEP will diligently inspect CDs and only change condition or type if truly warranted.

Upon user/seller receiving payment from YKEEP the CD transaction will be deemed complete and user/seller.