AdultVocals, not edgy, mature, easy listening
AfricanAll African continent music including pop and rock.
Alt-CountryAmericana, twangy, country a bit to the left, not on radio
Alt-RockRock that pushes the envelope, quirky, not on radio
AsianAll Asian music including traditional, pop and rock.
BluesAll blues including acoustic, electric and all regional styles
BluegrassTraditional hillbilly, mountain, acoustic instruments, no drums.
ChristianAny religious music, christian, traditional gospel all music styles


All styles including opera

Comedy; Stand-up, satire, parody, TV, Radio

CompilationMix on artists and/or styles
Country-NewPop country from 80's on


Traditional country western up to 70's, & modern styles like that
DanceMusic made for club dancing
Easy ListeningVocal or instrumental soft music and soft rock
ElectronicEDM, all styles and some dance, electronica
EthnicAll non US or British music except Latino
FolkAcoustic music with or without a message
FrenchFrench music including Canadian French speaking, pop and rock
FunkBass heavy, strong groove, bands of all sizes types
GermanGerman, Bavarian, Austrian music including rock and pop.
GreekGreek music including rock and pop.
HolidayAll holidays
IndiaIndian, Bolly, raga, sub-continent, sitar including pop and rock.
Instruction**self explanatory
IrishAll Irish traditional. Excludes rock and pop
IslandIsland, Caribbean, Hawaiian.
ItalianAll Italian music excluding Classical and Opera
JazzAll jazz, big band styles from all eras
KidKid music or music specifically made for kids
LatinoAll Hispanic music and styles
MetalAll metal styles, hard rock, heavy
NatureNature sounds with or without music backing
New AgeVery light classical, inspirational, airy, Windham Hill
OperaAll Operatic styles
PopMusic made to for the MOR, the masses
Prog RockThematic, longer with variations.
PunkRock with attitude, fast, aggressive
R&BRhythm and blues
Rap Hip HopAll rap and hip hop styles
ReggaeAll island, reggae, ska, dub music
RockGeneral catch all of rock music
Rock 501950 specific
Rock 601960 specific
Rock 701970 specific
Rock 801980 specific
Rock 901990 specific
RockabillyTwangy, country rock
RussiaAll Russian music including rock and pop
Scottish/English FolkScottish traditional, bagpipes, traditional English folk. Acoustic
SlavicAny music from the Balkans, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania. Includes pop and rock
South AmericanAndes, pan-flute, non-Hispanic South American
SoundtrackMusic, TV and Broadway
SpokenWordNon-comedy oral recordings
Top 40Music made specifically for radio play and sales