GHLOW- Slash and Burn (2021)

Posted by KB on 9/9/2021 to Reviews In Brief
Fans of The Kills pining for a new release can now just get GHLOW's "Slash and Burn" and feel sated. GHLOW has the industrial fuzz and cacophany of The Kills, probably more if I was to be honest. The songs are aggressive and edgy, bordering on dark angst. One could visualize a SAW movie airing with this as the soundtrack. GHLOW'sstructure is molded around simple melodies and chord patterns but with buzz saw graininess and electronic embellishments that create a poly-rhythmic groove. "Slash and Burn" exudes black and deep purple with countless curtains of static. Listen alone and in the dark.

Favorite Songs: Not Fit For This, Take It, Hold On

slash and burn

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