!!!- Shake the Shudder (2017)

Posted by KB on 8/30/2017 to Reviews
!!! is not in my general listening scope but I gave this one a shot based on a review read in Magnet Magazine and damn if it isn't a great dance album. Even if club tunes aren't your thing I believe this one will hook you in and you'll bopping around the room in no time. The songs are beat heavy with interesting guitar and synth interplay and the songs venture into different directions. The vocals wrap around the beat melody - and honestly- I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics. So you rockers, step out of the box and  give this one a good try.

Favorite Songs:
Dancing Is The Best Revenge, NRGO, Throw Yourself In The River, What r u up 2Day?, Our Love (U Can Get)

Raveonettes- 2016 Atomized (2017)

Posted by KB on 8/15/2017 to Reviews
"2016 Atomized" is the packaging of The Raveonettes releasing of one new song per month in 2016. On a whole it doesn't have the consistency, connection or flow of their normal releases. Which I believe was the goal. The staticky noise pop is present along with some experimentation like Junko Ozawa, This Is Where It Ends and Good fight, which actually bring down the release IMHO. The songs that resonate are their slightly funky 60's tunes- but that has always been their strength. It is not their most solid release but it does contain a few gems that make this required for completists.

Favorite Songs: This World Is Empty Without You, Where Are You Wild Horses, Fast Food

T.S.O.L- The Trigger Complex (2017)

Posted by KB on 8/3/2017 to Reviews
So this SoCal hardcore 80s punk band decides to slightly sell out a bit and put out an edgy pop-rock release. The purists roll their eyes and shake their head... but hey... it's a damn good album. So what if it ain't punk. This is good, straight up rock that will  keep you bopping like a bobble head. "Trigger Complex" is hook heavy, tight, upbeat and downright sing-along fun. It's absolutely perfect live bar music. So dammit, they better come my way.

Favorite Songs: Right Side, Strange World, I Wanted to See You, Wild Life...and the rest of them