Bob Dylan- Time Out Of Mind (1997)

Posted by KB on 5/24/2017 to Reviews
Being it is Dylan's 76th birthday it was appropriate to pull out some Dylan today. I opted not for the usual suspects but instead "Time Out Of Mind". His fourth re-emergence or rebirth in his aeon spanning career. Folks, this one should get much more attention than it does. While it is looked at fondly by critics and fans it always gets overshadowed. Brilliantly produced by Daniel Lanois the album chugs along at a sweaty back road pace and produces some of Dylan's best lyrics self examining and views on relationships. It's bluesy, melancholic, biting, painful and whimsical (Highlands). It's a travesty if you have never listened to this gem. Best with headphones in a dark room.....

Favorite Songs: not a weak song on the entire album

All Them Witches- Sleeping Through the War (2017)

Posted by KB on 5/22/2017 to Reviews
Some recordings are chameleons. You know it's a rock album per-se but each song takes on a different form, not allowing you to label it heavy, stoner, classic...etcetera. "Sleeping Through the War" is that kind of a rock album. There are no toss offs here. Each song rocks and evolves in it's own way, and while it is a guitar album it's the bass and drums that drive the sound and give each song it's self reflective form. There are countless influences intertwined that adds to the fun of listening as you try to figure out why something sounds familiar. This one grows and grows the more it's spun.

Favorite Songs: Don't Bring Me Coffee, Bruce Lee, Am I Going Up?, Alabaster

Allison Crutchfield- Tourist In This Town (2017)

Posted by KB on 5/15/2017 to Reviews
Smart lyrics, interesting instrumentation and decent melodies, but there is something missing and I can't completely put my finger on it. I think it is possibly because I'm not drawn into the songs. They don't submerge me. A few grab my attention, most notably when I hear them as stand alone single songs but when played in whole but most fade into the background. Maybe it's a male/female thing or maybe it's too close to sounding like her sister Waxahatchee (who I like). Just don't know. There is nothing poor about the release. But as I said something is missing.

Favorite Songs: I Don’t Ever Wanna Leave California, Dean's Room

Outer Spaces- A Shedding Snake (2016)

Posted by KB on 5/15/2017 to Reviews
Outer Spaces is driven by the vocals of Cara Beth Satalin. One moment wistful the next breathy the next pure power pop. You feel her mood and the band fills the spaces around her ably. There is nothing new, special or unique with their sound but that doesn't take away from their inviting and enticing songs. This is a good solid listen with well constructed songs and varied styles and delivery. A listen that you will rack your brain trying to decipher who she sounds like from song to song.

Favorite Songs: Words, Shade of Grey, Eternally Fifteen

LVL UP- Return To Love (2016)

Posted by KB on 5/15/2017 to Reviews
The endearing attribute of indie releases is the intimacy they have. It's not the perfection the bands strive for, it's the feel. LVL UP lives up to that charm. You can almost see them blowing through a song and moving quickly onto the next one. "Return To Love" could have been released in the late 80s or 90s indie eras. One part Apples In Stereo and a dash of Built to Spill they deliver accessible pop-rock that you feel could be extrapolated on live. It's a muddied sound, bordering stoner, that they alter to change tenor by all of sudden stripping it down. Only complaint is that they throw in some phone call blips and other chatter at the end of a couple songs. It adds nothing. Wish I stumbled upon this last year.

Favorite Songs: Hidden Driver, Pain, Five Men On the Ridge, I

At Least Remember the Lyrics

Posted by KB on 5/8/2017 to General Stuff
Last night I attended a concert by The Cult as a College Street in New Haven CT. Good crowd, good sound system, good beer etc.... The only detriment to the evening was the fact that lead singer Ian Astbury was -  though not scientifically proven I'll say- blotto. Slightly entertaining but a more off putting.

The Black Angels - Death Song (2017)

Posted by KB on 5/1/2017 to Reviews
The Black Angels have a distinct sound primarily due to Alex Mass unique, mid-range Neil Young-ish voice. Over the last couple of releases the Angels have migrated away from the occasional long drone song and have focused more on the concise (by their standards) psych-trippy-rock. In my humble opinion it's made them a stronger and more consistent band. On "Death Song" they've taken this succinct method and delivered a somber toned, heavy beat near masterpiece. It's not light and it's not genial but it engulfs you and won't let go.

Favorite Songs: I'd Kill for Her, Hunt Me Down, Estimate, I Dreamt

Charly Bliss- Guppy (2017)

Posted by KB on 5/1/2017 to Reviews
It would be easy to dismiss CB upon hearing Eva Hendricks' cartoony vocals (think Joy Zipper). That is until you realize that she is singing pretty clever lyrics over a poppy but rocking backdrop. The hooks are aplenty, the volume loud and the energy is relentless. As with many indie releases, one is listening and waiting for the shimmer to eventually fade but it doesn't on "Guppy". Song after song is vibrant and interesting. They are tight. Check for yourself at Charly Bliss

Favorite Songs: Glitter, Westermarck, Ruby