Holly Macve- Golden Eagle (2016)

Posted by KB on 4/28/2017 to Reviews
Sad, wistful, longing, mournful are all words to describe Macve's "Golden Eagle". While quiet and soft it never comes across as a dirge but rather as a singer coming to grips with shit she has to deal with, eventually. The couple of slightly uptempo numbers still maintain a sadness but with a country gin mill groove. Her voice yodels and bends around her melodies which keeps GE interesting and engaging. Grab a tissue, plug in the headphones, close your eyes and just listen.

Favorite Songs: No One Has The Answers, Heartbreak Blues, Shell

Spiral Stairs- Spiral Stairs (2017)

Posted by KB on 4/28/2017 to Reviews
Rarely does an rock release (indie yet) sound like so many intra-rock genres as "Spiral Stairs". The band Spiral Stairs is headed by Pavement's Scott Kannberg and floats between pop, straight up rock, quirky indie and a dash of avant garde all while being smart and heartfelt. Not easy to do that. You could almost envision (or enhear?) it on commercial radio but it's too intelligent and creative for the proletariat to comprehend. It is apparent that he probably kept Malkmus from going too whacked out bizarre. Strong recommendation to give this one a go.

Favorite Songs: Dance (Cry Wolf), AWM, Angel Eyes, Dundee Man

Ron Gallo- Heavy Meta (2017)

Posted by KB on 4/26/2017 to Reviews
Low-fi, DIY rock is all the rage now. Much of it is a waste of plastic and paper but "Heavy Meta" is quite concise, well written, fun, riff heavy guitar rock. His aversion to kids aside, his delivery is wink heavy which rock needs more of- don't take yourself so seriously. "Heavy Meta" starts off with one of the best songs of the year (spoiler alert), Young Lady, You're Scaring Me,  which kicks it immediately into overdrive. It sputters near the end with a couple of oops in my opinion, Started A War and All The Punks Are Domesticated but it won't affect the number of plays this will get by yours truly.

Favorite Songs:
Young Lady, You're Scaring Me, Put the Kids to Bed, Kill the Medicine Man

Kung Fu- Joyride (2016)

Posted by KB on 4/25/2017 to Reviews
Recently I skeptically went to a show of New Haven's own Kung Fu. Within in 60 I seconds I had a WTF moment and my skepticism melted away. Their show is a muscled jazz funk fusion. It pounds, it's agile, it's infectious and if you don't move you must be dead. I decided to delve into their most recent release "Joyride" to see if their live energy can be experienced on CD. I'm hear to say that it's 85% there. The 15% you are missing is seeing just how good these musicians are and how tight (but loose) they play. They are all virtuosos with my lean towards the monster bass and drum playing of Chris DeAngelis and Adrian Tramontano respectively. I prefer their instrumentals over the vocal tracks, but hell a good jam is a good jam.

Favorite Songs: Chin Music, Speed Bump of Your Love, The Get Down

The Regrettes- Feel Your Feelings, Fool (2017)

Posted by KB on 4/6/2017 to Reviews
There's going to be a great album from these very young punkers, just not yet. The energy is there as is the attitude and snarkiness, and though their brand of low-fi, garage punk doesn't require one to be a virtuoso, they need to tighten it up a bit. Vocals are off at times, the tempos not kept up and the lyrics are a bit too simple to be taken seriously. They call themselves 'perfectly imperfect' and it is accurate. FYFF will be that album fans will look back at as the promising start for the Regrettes saying they could hear the future they were going to have. Should one take notice now? Absolutely. It's always good to remember a band's genesis.

Favorite Songs: I Don't Like You, Hey Now