Ron Gallo-Really Nice Guys (2017)

Posted by KB on 3/31/2018 to Reviews
So I guess the $3.53 price tag should have been at least a yellow flag. I saw RNG on Gallo's Bandcamp site and immediately got a little agog- "already a new release!" Well yes and no. RNG is more a satirical statement about the music biz, with a couple of decent songs intermingled. Lots of idle chatter about some of the banality of a musicians life. I'll allow you to parse and analyze the rest of the underlying messages yourselves- it's kind of self explanatory, and very true. Glad to see that irony ain't dead and that younger artists get it. But dang, don't dupe me like that again!

Favorite Songs: Really Nice Guys, You Tubular, Emotional Impact For Sale

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The Men- Drift (2018)

Posted by KB on 3/23/2018 to Reviews
For me, The Men hit their high water mark with "New Moon" in 2013. The following year they added horns and released the solid "Tomorrow's Hits". They have loud, chaotic structure to their songs and their performances, and for these albums it just worked. The songs felt like they were one offed in a garage and recorded perfectly. On "Drift" it seems like this batch of songs, while one can hear their potential, needed a little more kneading. "Drift" almost sounds like the last demo run before the real deal. Vocals sound pitchy and harmonies not tuned. The guitars, gloriously crazy on "New Moon", are crazy but out of sync. One moment they loosely sound like VU, the next The Dead, the next Moody Blues. I am a fan so I will keep the faith. But in the end, I think "Drift" was self explanatory and needed direction.

Favorite Songs: Killing Someone

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Jimi Hendrix- Both Sides of the Sky (2018)

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"Both Sides of the Sky" is the third release of studio of official recordings from the Hendrix vault by the Hendrix family. Those who are avid Hendrix fans are going to devour this and dissect it and dream of what could have been. There is some great material here and there is some filler (most of side 4 if you have vinyl). What is most interesting, in my opinion, is the experimentation with sitar and other instruments, like demonstrated on "People, Hell & Angels", and rhythm noodling. The jamming with Stephen Stills is also interesting as is the beginning of formation of the Band of Gypsies. The recording quality is stellar showcasing his guitar prowess and if you do decide to dive into this consider the vinyl. It's an excellent pressing.

Favorite Songs: Mannish Boy, Hear My Train A Comin', Jungle, Georgia Blues

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The Lovely Eggs- This Is Eggland (2018)

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Let's unfurl this year's freak-flag for The Lovely Eggs. Quirky, alt-punk rock where there is little in message but lot of noise. Good noise, that's loose and messy but somehow altogether. The drumming is the driving force and sounds like logs are used for sticks. The vocals and lyrics are easy to sing (um yell) with and the guitar is spasmodic and loud like White Hills. Listen closely and you can hear 60's garage rock interlaced with Kid Congo. The year is young, but this English import may be the most fun album of the year. (See their opinion of "fake encores")

Favorite Songs: Hello I Am Your Sun, Dickhead, I'm With You, I Shouldn't Have Said That

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Buffalo Tom- Quiet and Peace (2018)

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In the late 80's through the late 90's there were few bands that banged out consistent, steady alt-rock, power pop than Buffalo Tom. They had a big, full sound that wrapped around you and carried you to wherever their song went. It's with pleasure to state that "Quiet and Peace" has those qualities. The big chords and layered vocals are present and accounted for and they virtually sound like they did in day -though Janovitz sounds a bit more like Jacob Dylan, but that's no swipe. The album is solid, with one possible toss off, See High the Hemlock Grows. Like a favorite, comfortable pair of worn sneakers, sometimes its good if things don't change.

Favorite Songs:
All Be Gone, Freckles, The Only Living Boy In New York

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Turnstile- Time & Space (2018)

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Punk is still alive and well. "Time & Space" is a good solid punch in the teeth. It's aggressive and angry, but with nuances that keep it from being monotonous like some punk can be. It's a succinct 13 power chord raging songs in 26 minutes that will help coping with a day that requires more motivation. T&S includes unique short instrumental interludes that keeps you off balance and breaks up the jet engine blast that's bombarding you. Similar to what the Beastie Boys would do on occasion. Those looking for noisy attitude this is your album. Just don't pop it on during date night.

Favorite Songs:
Real Thing, I Don't Wanna Be Blind, High Pressure, Right To Be

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