Ty Segall- Ty Segall (2017)

Posted by KB on 2/7/2017 to Reviews
This generation's Rob Pollock, Ty Segall has released his most cohesive album to start 2017. The self titled album is a Black Sabbath, Marc Bolan (T-Rex), Grateful Dead and White Album Beatles stew with just enough freakout moments to keep you paying attention, especially on "Warm Hands". The prolific Segall is not afraid to let his song writing roam free both musically and lyrically to see where the pieces fall. This go around they fall pretty close together even though he meanders from over the top guitar wailing to melodic acoustic contemplation and everything in between. Segall die-hards and cherry pickers are both going to relish this release.

Favorite Songs: Break A Guitar, Orange Color Queen, Freedom

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