Ty Segall- Freedom's Goblin (2018)

Posted by KB on 4/18/2018 to Reviews
I'm coming late to the Ty Segall party having not been on board with his version of freak out rock until his last self titled release in 2017 and "Fuzz II". But this generation's Robert Pollard (don't believe me, just look up his discography) has just released his most accessible and melodic album to date- without losing his indie rock integrity. The songs on "Freedom's Goblin" vary from straight up rockers to blues to funk to ballads and nary a one sounds like another. Which is saying something since there are 19 tracks on FG. There is nothing formulaic about his writing. Each song sounds like they just spring up in his head and he spits them out in one take. They are properly loose but not meandering. Some songs crescendo, some do 180s and some stay the course. "Freedom's Goblin" is one of my favorites so far in 2018 and it could be the entrance ramp for a whole new set of ears.

Favorite Songs: Fanny Dog, Every 1's a Winner, Shoot You Up, She, My Lady's On Fire, And Goodnight

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