The Blow- Brand New Abyss (2017)

Posted by KB on 1/23/2018 to Reviews
The Blow are a two woman band that play sparse, deeply personal synth music. The pair sing about longing, lost love, wanted love, pissy attitude and they do it where you can actually connect with their feelings. The music at first sounds like semi-structured noodling until you realize that it fittingly envelopes their lyrics. They will drift to be a little poppy or a little dance-y when they want to, but it's on their terms. Their one misstep is the more experimental The Woman You Want Her To Be. They also cover a classic Eagles tune by not really covering it at all. This won't be for everyone, only those who like very stripped down introspective songs.

Favorite Songs: Get Up, Summer, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Dark Cold Magic

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