Robert Randolph & the Family Band- Got Soul (2017)

Posted by KB on 2/23/2017 to Reviews

The man can play. He can really play. Robert Randolph can take a campy, cliche riddled song and make it rip, funk, rock, sing, twang, choogle... add your own adjective. He's blistering fast but nuanced capable of evoking the desired emotion. There is an enlightenment to his sound to a point where you can not be in an elated state while listening. It's a definite higher calling, which fits since Randolph is a God loving man. His lyrics have always been his Achilles heel and they can be cringe worthy, though on this release it's not so bad. He throws in his usual cover, I Thank You, and starts the CD with the usual bang with the thumping Got Soul/She Got Soul. Fans of truly great guitar/slide guitar playing will not be disappointed with "Got Soul". But do yourselves a favor and see him live. Trust me

Favorite Songs: Got Soul, She Got Soul, Lovesick, I Thank You

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