REZZ- Mass Manipulation (2017)

Posted by KB on 1/26/2018 to Reviews
It would be a fib if I didn't disclose that EDM (all striations) is a bit out of my sweet spot. Lately I have had outside influences slowly guiding me into this realm. Some is just hip retail store background music and other, like REZZ's "Mass Manipulation", is actually something I can get behind. The electronic beats are simple but driving with a bit of aggressive abrasiveness that makes keeps each song fresh. Many electronic artists have a sound and beat that they don't venture from but REZZ meanders all over the place. You can move to it, you can chill to it or you can listen and just think to it. Those who rarely dip their toes into this genre, but welcome something new, I suggest giving this go.

Favorite Songs: Diluted Brains, Livid, Green Gusher, Ascension

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