Las Rosas- Shadows By Your Side (2018)

Posted by KB on 6/7/2018 to Reviews
Las Rosas is an indie trio from Brooklyn whose output is 60s-ish era garage rock. If you told me you found them on an old Rhino compilation disc, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. Their songs are raggedly melodic with twists and turns and energetic build ups. There is nothing tricky here but the beauty of good retro-rock is having hooks that feel familiar but don't sound re-hashed. It's easy to hear how Las Rosas might get into solid jamming live giving their songs a whole new identity. I hear Diamond Rugs, Fidlar and Palma Violets blended throughout SBYS. It's nice to hear another straight forward unrefined rock band putting out catchy, fun to listen to rock music.

Favorite Songs: The Ghost, Tax Man, Christa, Dinner For One, Flood This House

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