Grayson Capps- Scarlet Roses (2017)

Posted by kb on 1/15/2018 to Reviews
The KISS principal  works in music as it does in most situations. Grayson Capps keeps it simple, stupid on "Scarlet Roses" and it works divinely. Capps' Americana is not daring or unique but instead an easy listen with just enough edge and to keep it from being mundane. His voice is world weary and he floats from sincere backwoods crooning to country soul to all out southern rock. He has a definite arena sing sing-a-long in Bag Of Weed and an epic wailer Taos. This would have been in my tops of the year if I stumbled upon in earlier. But it's better to find it then never to find it. So go out and find this.

Favorite Songs: Bag of Weed, Hit 'em Up Julie, Taos, You Can't Turn Around, Moving On

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