Girls Guns & Glory - Love and Protest (2017)

Posted by KB on 7/19/2017 to Reviews
I brush off the pop country phase our society is embracing currently which gets me labeled as a country hater. That isn't even close to true. What I don't like is the formulaic, bro-love, faux cowboy rap crap that is pumped out to fill arenas with inane fist pumping to stupid repetitive lyrics about trucks, beer, cut off jeans, I'm a good ol' boy...etc  bull shit.

With that mini rant over- GGG (from Boston area) is a band that should get a listen from these pop country fans. It has all the hooks, melody, harmonies and mid-tempo groove that would appease any [fill in the blank] lover. GGG are not 100% country because they can rock (disclosure- I have seen them twice). Difference is the lyrics are heartfelt, original, clever and the grooves aren't foreshadowed before they get there. No fist pumping here thank god! Empty Bottles is straight up bar room country (channeling D. Yoakam) but the rest straddles country, pop and rock.

So if the pop country lemmings would like to take a step up they should go and give these boys a chance.

Favorite Songs: Rock 'n' Roll, Wine Went Bad (But I'm Still Drinkin'), Memories Don't Die, Empty Bottles

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