At Least Remember the Lyrics

Posted by KB on 5/8/2017 to General Stuff
Last night I attended a concert by The Cult as a College Street in New Haven CT. Good crowd, good sound system, good beer etc.... The only detriment to the evening was the fact that lead singer Ian Astbury was -  though not scientifically proven I'll say- blotto. Slightly entertaining but a more off putting.


Posted by KB on 12/11/2016 to General Stuff
Howdy and welcome to YBLOG, YKEEP's blog (yawn..we know blase). We're pretty opinionated about music and arrogant enough to feel that you all should know what we are thinking. At our blog (still makes me yawn) we'll be posting reviews (original, I know) of new and old releases, opinions/thoughts/rants of our choosing and some shout outs for anything we feel is noteworthy. We promise not to wear you out with looooong prose. We prefer to the point notions. Anywho, hopefully you'll get a kick out of it. Enjoy!