Car Seat Headrest- Twin Fantasy (2018)

Posted by KB on 4/27/2018 to Reviews
Car Seat's "Teens of Denial" was my favorite album of 2016. It was touching, intelligent, socially aware, musically dynamic- basically brilliant. "Twin Fantasy" doesn't reach the same pinnacle, though there are some glints of greatness within the sprawling, sometimes unfocused, re-engineering of a past CSH recording. This makes sense since TF was released 5 years prior to Denial. In those 5 years Will Toledo has shown tremendous growth as a songwriter. While he still utilizes spoken phrases they are now not as prevalent as in the past and they fit better within his songs which I felt made TF slog or sound preachy at times. His use of soft to loud and deliberate noise is also currently more fluid. This is not an awful release, there are songs and parts of his songs that show the path to where he ended up on Denial. It's just not first or the second I'll reach for when needing a CSH fix. I'm looking forward to the next true actual release of new material to see if CSH continues their positive evolution.

Favorite Songs: Bodys, Cute Thing, High to Death (up til 1:24 left in song)

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