2. Kelley Stoltz- Que Aura

Posted by KB on 12/31/2017 to Reviews
Late release to come across my plate and praise be that it did. "Que Aura" is the best 80's release in years. It has the muddy drums, whispered lyrics, synths and echoes with hooks galore. His arrangements are layered but still sparse. Think of an 80's pop or goth act (big or small) and I bet you'll find it somewhere. Stoltz does this without losing his own identity. He's not in a time warp, he takes this retro sound and creates a palette of red and purple lights and his songs build more than those back in day he wades in. Those who grew up in the era will undoubtedly understand what I am saying. Those who didn't will hear something poppy that is fun and just a bit different.

Favorite Songs: Get Over, No Pepper For the Dustman, Walking Against the Greenlight, Empty Kicks

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